Who’s Hating, Who’s Dating? Don’t Hate, Date!

I have to tell you about something that tickles me silly. First you need to understand that people like me, a lot. Girls and guys cannot seem to help themselves but to talk to me at the coffee shop, at work, at the gym, and of course, online. Over time, girls fall in love with me, and the guys… well they like me a whole bunch until they find out I’m gay. Once they find out I’m gay they get real “Yo Bro” on me, but they’re still friendly. I like to play and persuade the men that “deep deep down” they might be gay, but of course, they’re not. It gives me a good chuckle to watch them wriggle and squirm as they question their own sexuality for that one split second. Needless to say, I cannot help that I’m fabulous or that I have a lot of friends. With a sense of humor like mine, what’s not to like?

The beauty of having a lot of heterosexual male and female friends and being gay is that I am able to give an objective view on their lives without bias. To me, I do not see men or women. I see people and bilateral behavior.

My quick wit and charming looks aside, the real reason so many people like me is that I am a good listener. For better or for worse, I am a sound board for anybody who wants to talk about themselves or their lives. The most popular topic I get accosted with on a daily basis is, without question, “relationships.”

“My boyfriend just got back from the army and he’s changed.”

“He used me for sex!”

“Things would be easier if I was gay. Can you believe what she did?”

“When I get close to a guy, I can’t help but to run!”

I have over 500 social network friends. Of that 500, at least 25% of them have talked to me about their relationships at one point or another. With a sample size of 125 people, I am my own research study. I am a relationship expert.

Invariably, most of the relationship issues I have been privy to end up in a bad place. The couple breaks up, people get hurt, and it is very sad. To be back to square one with no prospects is a challenging place to be. Nobody enjoys feeling like patient zero.

Over time, the pain heals, the passion forgotten and your favorite moments becomes a distant memory. In time, people find the fire and vigor to move on. At this stage, I normally get bombarded with a new set of questions.

“Dude, where do the young chicks hang out? Everybody is so old these days!”

“Where can I find a nice man? I’m tired of my typical guy”

“I want a man with money”

After every relationship, we evolve as people. Our personality morphs into something new. We’re able to make decisions on what we like or don’t like based on our past experiences and so we become more picky. Past relationships have a knack for teaching us a little bit about ourselves, so this evolution makes sense. While this education and personal focus is a good thing, the problem with being picky is that we’ve made the number of eligible people in our personal world smaller. The more the requirements, the smaller the sample size. The smaller the sample size, the fewer eligible people. No eligibility, no quality.

At this point, the expert relationship advice I give people is to expand their social circle. The larger your circle, the greater chance you’ll find somebody who meets your increasing number of requirements. SURPRISE! The fastest, most affordable, effective and fun way to do this is to join an online dating website!

To my pleasure, many people heed my advice and join a free online dating website and, compared to their track record in the “real world,” have instant success! Even the people who I thought were “un-datable” are able to find dates and long term relationships with minimal effort and time. Those who online date meet new people frequently. They feel desired, confident, and take pride in the fact that they can be picky. This makes me happy because they’re getting to know and going on dates with dozens of people, which brings them closer each time to their perfect match. Does dating online feel weird at first? Yes, but you know what, the end justifies the means.

Some dummies do not follow my advice because, as they say, “online dating is for people who cannot find a date in the real world.” Have you ever seen those T-shirts that say, I’m with Stupid? I wish I was wearing one of those every time one of these door knobs said that because little do they realize, they ARE one of these people. These people who “hate” on dating online do what they’ve always done. They prowl the same bars and nightclubs in their neighborhood with zero success. With growing requirements to satisfy, the odds are not only stacked against them, they’re compounded to a level they’ll never overcome. To do the same thing and expect a different result is the definition of insanity. These people are insane to not try online dating.

Would you prefer 1 to 5 random dates over a few months, or the opportunity to date over a dozen pre-screened quality people in a few weeks that fit your current needs? Dating success is a numbers game. You do the math.

Dating online is 100% Free. What have you got to lose? Don’t hate, DATE!

Source by Eric J Draven

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