Wheels Not Working Well On Your Skateboard? Try This Tip

Skateboarding is a sport that most prefer to do outdoors, so when the weather is pleasant, enthusiasts like to take advantage. During the summer months, this means a lot of wear and tear for your skateboard. Among many issues that might arise is having to replace the bearings on your skateboard. This article provides some instructions and tips that will help you complete the task of fixing the bearings on your skateboard.

Supplies needed include: ratchet wrench, screwdriver, a cotton rag and bearing lubricant.

To get started, you will first need to remove the wheels from your skateboard. You can do this by removing the nuts that hole the wheels on the skateboard using a ratchet wrench. Once your wheels have been removed, you will need to take the old bearings out. If you have never done this, try taking a screwdriver and pressing it through the hold in the middle of the bearing and at the same time, push on the back of the opposite bearing. Once one has been removed, flip the wheel over the push the other out. This process should be done for each wheel. Be careful when applying pressure to the bearings. Too much force may cause them to bend or break.

Now that you have removed the bearings from your wheels, douse them with lubricant. You can either spray the bearings on each side with the lubricant, or you can submerge them in it. To submerge the bearings, put enough lubricant in a small dish to completely cover the bearings. Regardless of your choice of application, allow the bearings to sit with the lubricant on for a few minutes. If your skateboard has a lot of build up, you could also spray the parts surrounding the bearings with lubricant including the nuts, trucks and spacers.

After the bearings have rested with lubricant on them for several minutes, you can start you clean them up. Using your cotton rag, wipe the lubricant off the bearings making sure to clean off any built up grime. Then, once you have clean them thoroughly, leave them out somewhere to dry. This will take a couple hours. When the bearings have dried completely, you can put them back in your skateboard wheels. Once the bearings have been placed back in the wheels, you can reattach the wheels to your skateboard.

Removing your wheels and then lubricating and cleaning them will make your skateboard work much more efficiently. Anytime you have been using your skateboard outside a lot and encounter issues with the wheels, try going through this process to get your skateboard back to top-notch condition.

Source by Stephanie A Burke

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