What’s RipStik Caster Board and How to Use It?

RipStik board has become a popular alternative to conventional skateboarding but most of the people are full of curiosity regarding this kind of sport. What is a RipStik caster board and how they going to use it?

For avid skateboarders, you may come across with the term Risptik Caster Board and think, “what’s it all about?” If you’re new to this gaming gadget it is a combination of a skateboard, as well as snowboard. The three are similar when it comes to purposes but they are distinct when you talk about features and they offer different level of thrill and fun.

RipStik boards are best distinguished with their appearance alone. Upon the first look, it resembles like the skateboard, however, it has two pivoting deck and it is connected with a rubber carrying handle. Unlike the skateboard, RipStik caster board is easy to maneuver which makes it perfect for kids.

What makes the concave deck platforms great is that it’s designed like a concave and it has rubber spikes so your feet stay in place and fits nicely, avoiding slips which causes accidents. You can have a more heart pounding experience with this kind of sports as you will feel like you’re snowboarding in a slope and do some tricks as you move fast.

If it’s your first time to ride a RipStik caster board, you might want to try the following steps on the way to ride it.

1. Safety First! Look at the Venue.

As a rule of thumb, you need to check the location where you need to practice RipStik riding. See if there are many obstructions-traffic, vehicles running, people, trees and more. Look for a good place clear from debris and obstructions.

2. Position the RipStik on the ground.

Place the Ripstik side wards (horizontally) in your front and put your foot in one side of the plate.

3. Let’s get started-Practice balancing.

After putting your foot on the plate, now it’s time for you to move by pushing the RipStik with the use of the other foot that is not on the RipStik. Do this in a slightly sloped area so you can already practice balancing.

4. Snake-Motion-the secret to master it.

The wavy motion of going down a slope is the secret to master RipStik balancing. By this way, you can gain more control over your weight and the direction of the RipStik so there’s no need to fear of losing control especially when going down the hills.

RipStik Caster Board is one of the best sports gadget for children (aged 8 and above) and adult. It may be a big challenge to maneuver it but you can be assured of having a whole lot of fun especially if you’re becoming expert in tricks. Just make sure to always wear a helmet and pads to avoid being injured.

Source by Michael Bryann Brookes

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