Top 5 Skateboard Decks of 2013

There are four main things to try to find in a skateboard deck to find the most ideal one. Certainly the size and price are essential when getting a new deck, but this article will illustrate a few elements beyond that. Each one may be more or less important to the rider depending on the type of skating they’re doing.

The first thing to pay attention to is simply the weight. Skateboarders doing a lot of flat ground technical tricks might be most interested in the weight aspect of a board. Also equally as essential is the pop. The pop of a board is vital for most street skating. The next factor to take a look at is how strong a board is. Skaters doing a ton of high impact skateboarding like gapping huge stair sets need to have a board that is extra strong if they don’t intend to be purchasing a new skateboard deck every week. The final component to look for is the life span of a board and how long it holds its shape. With that being said, here are the top 5 skateboard decks that rank superior in each category.

Keystone Carbonlight made by Cliche Skateboards

This particular skateboard deck construction does not use the entire top sheet, but in its place they apply a uniquely shaped top ply to reinforce the deck in the key regions that are prone to breakage. This method does not sacrifice any weight or performance, but produces a lighter board with a lot more pop that lasts much longer. Includes a 45 day warranty against breakage.

Low Pro made by Real Skateboards

Real promises that this construction is longer lasting, guaranteed. The Low Pro deck’s lightness and durability stem from a slightly tighter radius side to side concave that reinforces the deck. It allows for two custom milled thinner x-bands that decrease the weight without decreasing the strength. They make use of a special black seal water resistant glue that you can see between the plies, which enhances the deck’s strength and stiffness. The end result is a longer lasting deck with a lower center of gravity for more board control and quicker pop. The lower center of gravity stems from being center pressed with a slight nose to tail rocker. The center rocker also provides an additional axis point creating the deck to react faster and produces a quicker pop off of the nose and tail.

P2 made by Flip, Plan B, Zero, Toy Machine, Mystery, Habitat, Santa Cruz, Skate Mental, and Creature

P2 boards showcase a flex-resistant tail and nose with fast and high rebound. This construction includes an oval-shaped (Kevlar) fiber reinforced maple veneer, which improves the natural performance and pop of its supporting six, thin veneers of maple. The oval shape is purposed to spread stresses and loads through the whole deck, versus around only the places closest to the trucks. The P2 construction offers exceptional added resilience to the deck, creating a “Spring Loaded Pop” effect. They are slimmer and lighter in weight than traditional 7-ply maple decks.

Double Impact made by Almost Skateboards

Double Impact works with unique composite carbon fiber reinforced discs that are not only super strong but seriously lightweight and embodied inside the bottom layer for impact dampening and resistance. On top of that, it utilizes a full carbon fiber top sheet for unbelievable strength and added life span. This particular method uses epoxy resin anchor adhesion points to totally integrate the disc into the deck without having the possibility of separation creating a solid cohesive bond. Includes a 45 day warranty against breakage.

Pop Secret made by Crailtap (Girl Skateboards, Chocolate Skateboards).

Pop Secret boards are comprised of 6 layers of maple with another layer of Fiberlam (Fiberglass Lamination). The Fiberlam layer causes it to be super stiff with amazing pop. It is also lighter weight than the basic 7-ply maple deck. Fiberlam also produces added strength while making it hold its shape all throughout its lifetime.

Source by Keelan Silva

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