Things to Do on a Skateboard

Disclaimer: skateboarding can be a dangerous sport. Whenever you ride your skateboard, there’s a possibility that you could get hurt. It’s important that you understand this.

Also, before trying any of these fun things, wear your skateboarding equipment. Get a proper helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads, at the very least. Safety should be your number one priority as a skateboarder. Without keeping yourself safe, you’re risking your ability to skate.

Skateboards are great because they can be used almost anywhere. Indoors and outdoors, up hills, down hills, and on flat ground. They’re simple to use, too. Just hop on and go. Skateboarding is the ultimate freedom.

Skateboard ramps are plenty of fun. They can be made without much effort – a classic ramp is just a board stacked up on some objects. A safer alternative is to construct a ramp entirely from wood. Cut a two by four piece of wood diagonally, and nail a piece of plywood to the pieces. Instant ramp!

Street curbs are a classic object that skateboarders skate on. They’re almost like a wave, if you can ride them properly. It’s a lot of fun to ride up and down the street, pumping off the curbs to keep you going.

Curbs can also be like a miniature skatepark. They’re perfect for practicing small tricks, and can be used as a ramp. Alternatively, you could jump from the street to the curb, using the gutter as a little mini gap.

When I was young, my friends and I made things dangerous by jumping over each other with the ramp we made. I can’t recommend this, because it’s just so dangerous. However, we did have lots of fun finding objects to stack, and then trying to gap those.

Another fun time I remember having as a boy is stacking up a couple of skateboards, and then doing an ollie over them. This can be turned into a game – stack up a board and jump over it. The next person to not make it over stacks their board up too. This keeps going until a winner is created

Skateboard games are lots of fun, but if you don’t have friends then you can go check out your local skatepark. Not only is the skateboard park a lot of fun, but it’s a great opportunity to meet people like yourself.

You can have fun with your skateboard in plenty of different ways. Don’t feel like you are limited by what I’ve written above. Instead, use this guide as a way to think up new ideas. Always remember to wear your safety gear!

Source by Raphael Clarke

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