The Use of Sports in Installing Discipline to Our Younger Generation

We live in a society, since the countries riots, where we are looking at effective ways to offer our younger generation, discipline, and a stake in something. For me sports hold the key to offer both these ideals, and a whole lot more. By promoting a more effective sporting policy throughout the UK, we could as a nation not just benefit from more success with regards to trophies and medals, but also have a healthier and better behaved young people. Money would need to be invested, but also a determination to encourage our youngsters to want to better themselves at something that makes them adhere to a set of rules for them to achieve success.

Discipline would come from the fact that rules and regulations would be explained and taught to the children from a young age. These rules would depend upon the sport being coached. Referees authority can be encouraged to be respected for the sake of the game, as it is starting to be with football across the globe with the respect campaigns. Children, and then young adults, would get used to following authority without feeling that they should challenge it constantly. Parents and guardians would also be encouraged to promote respecting the officials, and the following of the rules of the game. Sports have great potential to allow our younger generation to get used to following laws and rules, for the sake of a game running smoothly. Something that they can then enjoy playing.

Children and our young adults would automatically have a stake in the team they were part of. They would evolve interest in teamwork, and working for a common goal. This is incredibly valuable in forming skills that will be necessary when these young people look to do well in jobs and also within the community. No young player likes to be thought badly by their team. Many will learn how to change various behaviours that are looked down on by their peers or coaches. Empathy for others can also be encouraged and learnt. Players who are not picked, or losing teams give opportunities for others to respect the feelings of other people, and for good sportsmanship to begin to flourish.

Coaches and officials also offer the opportunity to be good role models to our younger generation. This means that the older generation must be aware of the fact that they have the ability to influence their players behaviours, through how they behave themselves. If we work hard as a country to encourage the coaches and officials to make a point of showing a good example, we will begin to show the younger people involved with clubs and associations around the country, that there are acceptable ways of conducting themselves, on and off the sports fields.

Sports incite passion, and a need to be part of something. If as a nation we can use it to promote good behaviours instead of negative ones, we will help our younger generation to develop better ways of handling their emotions, and offer alternatives to feeling left out of society. Money would have to be spent promoting various sports in some troublesome parts of the country, but this investment could turn out to be the best way to avoid more children and young people turning to antisocial behaviour as a way of amusing themselves. Our professional sports players also have a responsibility to conduct themselves in ways appropriate for a role model. This, however is worthy of its own article.

Source by Dan C Vassiliou

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