The Jamie Thomas Biography

The Fallen legacy began with its creator Jamie Thomas. Jamie was born in 1974, beginning his skating career at age 11 when he allegedly started skating to and from school each day. After developing his skills for some years, Thomas picked up his first sponsorship in 1992 when he signed on to Deluxe. The signing was a catalyst for a move to San Francisco, where Thomas turned pro for Experience Skateboards. The company was short lived, forcing Thomas south to the San Diego area where he began riding for Invisible Skateboards. Fame began here as Jamie picked up parts in Spitfire and Invisible videos, and was even featured on the cover of Transworld. Riding this momentum, he moved on to the film industry with production roles for Toy Machine and eventually Zero Films.

Thomas began Zero in 1996 as a small clothing company. Able to utilize his contacts with Toy Machine’s distribution channels, he began his business career when this company continued to grow, and eventually evolved into Zero skate boards. While working on Zero Films, Thomas performed the legendary “Leap of Faith” in the video “Thrill of it All”. The Leap of Faith features Thomas attempting a melon grab over 20-foot drop to flat ground pavement that eventually became famous in the skating community.

Following his hand in production, Jamie took his career in skating to the next level after becoming the owner and president of Black Box Distribution company in 2000. Black Box is the parent company of Zero, Mystery, Fallen and $lave. Jamie was featured in many of the Tony Hawk skateboarding video games, cementing is place in skating history. Currently, he is the proud husband to Joanne Thomas and father of three children: Julien, James, and Maximus.

Source by Tom Madden

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