The Evolution of Education

Technology has wired our children in to the world. They can find out how cheetahs stalk their prey, how to make a cell phone with some wire and duck tape, or the latest delicacies in Bangladesh. But our children are not interested in that. They are stimulation seekers. They float from one hyper activity to the next until they reach some type of down time which they mistake for a nap time because God forbid they are alone with nothing to do. What else should they do aside sleep?

Unless one’s house is not equipped with any modern technology all our children are hooked. Entangling their minds with anything remotely educational only turns them off to it. So how do we as parents and teachers get them to learn? Education and educators must evolve with the times. Writing notes on the board and lecturing does not work anymore. We must be mindful of our children’s fleeting concentration and stimulate them as much as their entertainment would.

Public and private education seemed to take a whiff of the same sentiment and reacted by buying Smart Boards. They can be hooked to the internet and used for taking notes, showing videos, viewing pictures, or even playing games. But the Smart Board is only as good as its operator. If teachers are not on the same rapid pace as our children’s minds are moving then the class time is a waste. Most of the children have already zoned out and are only thinking about the next stimulation awaiting them.

I implore all parents to be on top of their children’s education and make sure that their teacher is equally up to the task to push your child to succeed.

Source by Justin Chew

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