Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

Are you just getting started on a skateboard? I have three awesome tricks to share with you. These are really simple and easy tricks that are for beginners.

If you can turn, then it is time to learn to tic tac. The tic tac is a really fun but basic trick. To start off the tic tac, place your front foot on the nose of the board. You foot should be completely on the angled part of the board.

With you back foot, place it entirely on the tail of the board. The first thing you want to do is lift the front two wheels off of the ground by placing your weight on to the tail. As soon as your front two wheels touch the ground, place your weight into the nose of the board causing the tail of the board to become elevated.

The tic tac is bouncing your weight back and forth from the nose of the board to the tail. As you become comfortable, try doing this faster.

Crab Walk – Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

The crab walk is the tic tac taken to the next level. As you are tic tac’ing, you are going to walk forward. Do this by putting the weight into your toes as you press down. Use your arms for stability. Start by doing small steps.

Old School Kickflip – Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

The old school kickflip is the ultimate trick for beginners. It is easy to do and makes others think you are very good.

The starting position for the old school kickflip is to place the board upside down. The graphics and the wheels should be facing upwards. Place both of your feet an inch beneath the board. Your toes should be under the board at shoulder’s width.

As your toes are beneath the board, jump upwards 9-10″ and slightly forward. As you do this, the board will flip up to land on it’s wheels. You will land on the board in it’s normal position. As you aim for the board, try to keep your feet spaced and arms out.

Ideally, when landing an old school kickflip, you should try to land with your feet on the bolts. This will give you the best balance.

The Ollie -Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

The ollie is definitely the most famous skateboard trick of all time. In a nutshell, the ollie is like a “bunny hop” on a bike. It is getting the board completely up into the air.

To learn how to ollie, you must understand the starting foot positions. First, your front foot should be 60% up the board. This will be behind the front bolts. It needs room to do it’s magic.

You back foot should be on the tail of the board. It must be completely on the angled part of the board. If you were to cut you board down it’s center, you should have half of your front and back feet in front and behind the cut.

The two steps to the ollie are pop and slide.

The pop is done putting weight into your back foot. Your tail must hit the ground hard. It’s all about power. The more effort you put into the pop, the better the ollie.

After the pop is the side. With your front foot, you will slide it forward aiming for the nose. As you slide the board will be angled up. Therefore, the outside of your front foot will be the only part of your foot touching the board if you are doing it correctly. The inside of your front foot will not be on the board. Slide the front foot with power and control.

Be sure to loosen your front ankle. This will help you lift the board. Don’t loosen it completely as you still need to control the board.

It’s all about timing. The pop elevates the nose of the board and the slide elevates the tail of the board. To get the highest ollie possible. Allow the front of the board to come up as high as possible before sliding the front foot forward. This is done by delaying the slide.

Source by Robert Dunfey

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