Skateboard Parks of the Future

Imagination has always been the hallmark of new futuristic concepts. From Science Fiction usually comes new technologies and we know many of Arthur C Clarke's concepts in his books make up much of today's modern satellite technology. Now consider the recent question posed to the Online Think Tank; What will the future of skateboard parks be? What will they look like? How will they work? Well, first off we made a rather heavy statement and said;

"We reject your question and ask to modify 'skateboard parks' to 'recreational skate and hover board parks' before we start."

It was agreed upon by all participants and thus we set on our way to discuss the future of integrated skateboards and hover boards, as well as their riders in the future parks. First we spoke at length of Interactive Training to improve safety and considered that it will be similar to motorcycle racing schools, with simulation, Virtual Reality and real life experience and that the skateboard or hover board would be in constant contact net-centrically with the parks IT system.

Next we talked about High Level Contests, video systems and bill-board displays integrated into an Artificial Intelligent Scoring System measuring such things and wobble, speed, height and smoothness based on a mathematical matrix. We also considered one-on-one competition with the parks system where the competitor was Holographic and that was the Competition to beat. Much akin to the IBM Big Blue Artificial Intelligent chess matches, where man is pitted against machine.

How real will these systems be we were asked? Oh very real we said.

And how probable are these scenarios? Well, now that we have invented the idea, pretty probable indeed. In fact hover board and skateboard parks will soon be Blurring Virtual Reality and Reality. This too can be duplicated with holographic 360 degree 3D Xbox Systems at home too. How so you ask? Well the rider can take the Skateboard Park Home (VR Living Room) and these can be integrated into eLearning while Virtual Skateboarding on the carpet.

All these skating competitions can take place anywhere in the world even Antarctica residence can compete during the middle of an Ice Age. The Skateboard Olympics at home; competing with Other Nations without Moving and bringing us all together in a common cause; Technology of the Future.

Source by Lance Winslow

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