Skateboard Park Skatedrome Tower Concept

Not long ago, I was talking to some architectural designers who specialized in people friendly landscapes, parks, and specifically skateboarding facilities such as giant skate parks. They were trying to figure out how to build something that would be really cool, safe, but different. In discussing this with them, I went to my sketchpad and designed something which looked like a small lighthouse tower, and I called it a skatedrome. Let me describe this innovative concept to you if you have a few moments.

The tower would stick up in the middle of the skate park. You could get to the top of it using an overhead walkway or causeway. This overhead walkway would be fully enclosed so no one could jump off or get hurt. Once they got into the skatedrome itself, there would be holes where they could launch downward into the skate park going any direction as this would give them an abundance of speed to do tricks. They couldn't hurt themselves because although the first part of the drop would be vertical it would very quickly level out and angle them towards the next set of jumps depending on which direction they were facing.

By doing this all the skaters would go down the skatedrome away from each other, therefore not getting in each other's way, and work their way out to the edges. This would prevent collisions, and keep everyone going in the same direction outward. On the very far outer edges would be the normal swimming pool like indentations for basic type tricks. This would be out past an outer ring. That outer ring would funnel itself back into one or more overhead walkways or causeway's back to the skatedrome.

Further, once in the tower they could get a very good aerial view of the skate park and what their friends were up too as they competed for who could do the best tricks. It would be a great place to film skating tricks, and even a great place for a lifeguard type station to watch over everything to make sure everyone was safe, and no one got hurt. We are talking about a large skate park encompassing over a few acres.

Is the skatedrome a decent architectural fixture and structure for a modern-day skate park? I believe so, and my friends in New York who design these sorts of things enjoyed my sketch and concept, so maybe someday we will see these things around. It would be a lot of fun for kids to practice and hone their skills skateboarding. Please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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