Secrets of Skateboarding – Learn How to Tre Flip on a Skateboard

There are many different secrets of skateboarding and some are as simple as learning some special techniques to complete specific tricks. This article will explain how to tre flip on a skateboard or you can also call it how to do a 360 flip on a skateboard because it is the exact same thing. Let’s get started!

The secrets of skateboarding will show you how to tre flip on a skateboard in just a few steps.

Step 1 – You should know how to do a Kickflip. This will make it a lot easier to learn how to do a 360 flip on a skateboard because it is similar in some ways.
Step 2 – Put your front foot just in the same stance as you would to do a Kickflip. Ensure your front foot is about 2 inches away from the front trucks.
Step 3 – Put the front of your back foot on the tail of the board. Tilt your back foot up a little bit to give it a bit of a better spin.
Step 4 – Pop and spin at the exact same time. Then make sure to kick out your front foot just like you would in a kick flip.
Step 5 – Scoop the board. By this I mean get a little bit underneath of the board and flick it with your foot.
Step 6 – Wait for the board to come back around to proper stance and then land it safely. Make sure you still have your knees bent, this will allow you to land easier and with less pressure on your legs.

The secrets of skateboarding aren’t secrets after you learn how to tre flip on a skateboard or in other words how to do a 360 flip on a skateboard. After following these simple steps you should be able to do exactly that and then get a head start on some other special tricks too.

Source by Ryan Ainsley

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