Proper Storage of a Skateboard For Winter

Winter can be very cold and bring lots of moisture – so skateboarding may be out of the question for you during this particular part of the year. It is a good idea to learn about properly storing it. That way when warmer temperatures roll around you will be able to take it out and enjoy it once again. This process will also help ensure that your skateboard is in excellent condition when you are ready to ride it again.

Before you store your skateboard for the winter, take the time to carefully look it over. If you need to repair it or replace any parts this would be a great time to do so. When warmer temperatures do come along you will be able to grab your skateboard out of storage and enjoy it. If you don’t properly maintain it first, then you will have to do all of that when you are itching to get on it.

In reality, a skateboard doesn’t take up that much room. Therefore you can easily find a great storage place for it rather than allowing it to be exposed to the elements. Even placing it under your bed or on top of your closet is a great idea. Some people store them with their summer clothing in large storage bins as well. You do want to make sure you store it where it can’t accidentally get broken. You also don’t want it to be a risk for someone that comes upon it.

Avoid storing it close to any windows though. Even if your home is at a great temperature, there can be a lack of insulation around the windows. That means cooler air as well as moisture may still reach your skateboard. If you have shelves for storage in your home, that can work well. Just make sure your skateboard isn’t at risk of being knocked off the shelf or falling on someone.

The location where you store your skateboard needs to be one where it will be kept dry. Don’t assume that will be the case if you put it in the garage or storage shed. Sometimes there are leaks and when you go to get your skateboard out it will be warped and ruined. It isn’t just the actual moisture getting on it that can warp your skateboard though. The moisture in the air when it is cold outside can do the same thing to it. If you aren’t confident you can always place it in a waterproof storage container for extra protection.

Extreme changes between cool and heat can also damage your skateboard when you are storing if for the winter. Therefore you need to find a place for it that has a constant temperature when ever possible. Inside of your home where it is out of the way can be a great idea. If you have your thermostat to automatically kick on the heat when the temperature gets to a certain degree then this will help to ensure your skateboard still looks great after winter.

When you have a passion for skateboarding, chances are you have invested plenty of money for the deck and other accessories. You certainly want to have the opportunity to get plenty of value out of them. One way to make sure that is possible is to always take very good care of it.

You may already do so when you are riding your skateboard. However, taking the time to also properly store it when it is being put away for the winter is important as well. Now that you understand why it is important and the best way to do so, you should have no problems coming up with a great plan of action.

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