Is It Safe to Telemark for Your Knees?

I'm a ski patrol and I telemark.

And after a decade of mountain rescue in several resorts, I can tell you that telemark skiers are considerably less at the mercy of personal injury.

Is it due to the telemark equipment or is it perhaps because of the telemarkers behavior? Nothing scientific right here, just my own input …

I write this articles because I'm constantly asked:

1. I have knees concerns, am I going to have the capability to telemark?

The reply is: Absolutetly

I do know lots of people that stopped alpine skiing and are presently telemark skiing due to knee problems not the opposite. Telemark grows muscle groups around the knee and thus stabilizes the articulation. Additionally, while starting off telemark, you will not be as intense (possibly) as you where on these skis and or board. In the event they are you've hardly ever downhill before, telemark is a superb road to address the mountain at a pleasant pace. On the opposite, When starting a new sport, there's is that novice state where you don't control everything. Incidents can happen

2. Are telemark bindings risk free?

"That's a fact, there's little to no release …"

Simply, no telemark binding model available anywhere is 100% risk free, nor are any alpine bindings.

Most telemark bindings do not use any release. Old reports prove that it is less hazardous with a telemark release binding versus a non release binding (in a time of leather boots). Nonetheless, equipment have went on to evolve very much in recent times, and just a small amount of manufacturers now have engineered release bindings. The introduction of NTN bindings, a great performing binding with release have not produced change towards this product due to the release. People by it because it's performant, not because of it's release. Don't misunderstand me, releasable telemark binding is not negative, but bear in mind it's not required.

The method by which your foot is linked with a cable, added to the manner the telemark binding moves around, will not result in an injury even on a big crash. And as you may know, telemark skiers are well known to fall a lot. In case you want some extra psychological support with the release solution, there's a couple of on the market. Nevertheless, besides the NTN, none are actually on my checklist.

After more than 15 years of telemark ski combined with actually being around the telemark community, I really feel secure telemark skiing and recommending it. I know dozen of adept that changed from alpine skiing because of knee problems.

What is the most typical personal injury as you alpine ski? Knee ligaments. And consider the added tension on your knees from aggressive carving, skiing bumps huckking big. If you are alpine skiing and are worried in regard to the knees, consider telemark as a legitimate choice.

Is telemark skiing safer for the knees: of course. Will injuries occur? It can but is less likely.

Source by Tobianne Legault

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