Ideal Places for Skateboarding – 4 Perfect Spots for Practice

1. The outdoor skateboard park. You have probably passed by one at some point in your city and have seen people cruising around on a piece of wood with wheels on the bottom. The local skateboard park is designed especially with skateboarders in mind. Many of the parks obstacle are designed like things you would see on the streets of a city. With handrails, boxes, stairs and benches. Most parks are made of concrete. Many have slopes, hills, ramps and often some metal rails. These public skateboard parks usually have a great variety of obstacles for the users to practice and learn new skills on. The first outdoor skateboard park opened in nineteen seventy-six, in California. Since then many have sprung up in different places and countries of the world. The park is calling. Grab your board and head to the nearest one.

2. The indoor skate park. This is another great option for boarders. OK, you love to skate, you wake up on a Saturday morning, its raining. (If you are a skateboarder you know you can not skate in the rain) The outdoor parks will be wet and no good for serious skating. Do not worry! The indoor skate park is the best place for skaters on a rainy day. It beats all the weather conditions. Some indoor parks cost a small entry fee but you can skate to your hearts-content. Many indoor parks require you wear safety gear (at least a helmet). A lot of indoor skateboard parks are designed the same way as outdoor parks are. An indoor park is generally made with wood or even metal. Filled with many of the same obstacles an outdoor park would have from stair sets to rails bowls and ledges. Another form of indoor skating is done in houses. Some have gone as far to set up ramps and half-pipes in an abandoned house or even their own home. There is sure to be a challenge at every indoor park. There is much to enjoy for the beginner and the professional.

3. The streets. Yes, the streets of your city or town. Most cities whether big or small have a variety of places you can Skateboard. If you do not live in a very small or remote town, with only dirt roads then, there is sure to be place that you can find to skateboard. In fact most skate parks are designed with many of the features you see in a city ( because they are that good). Hills are great for those seeking a speed thrill. A mixed bag of tricks can be done on either handrails, or benches. You will find many man-made and even natural things scattered throughout the city, that can be good to skateboard on. The smallest and biggest things can be used for skating. Skating the streets offers you more rush; you do not know what will be around the next corner. Cruise around the streets or find a flat slab of concrete and practice flat ground tricks. It all depends on you. You do not have to look hard to find a spot. The side-walk or parking lot are ideal for practice. However when skating in the streets one needs to be extra careful, never skateboard in banned or busy places. Always respect the wishes of the public.

4. Pool skating. While different from indoor and outdoor parks pool skating offers only one main obstacle to skate on (or in this case in). A pool that has been drained and that has a rounded bottom is great for skaters. This method of skating has been done since the early years of skateboarding and is still popular today. You have the choice of cruising around on the four walls of the pool or using the upper ledge of the pool, for sliding or grinding, or even launching out of the pool. Skating a pool allows you to use the four walls to keep speed, hence saving more of your energy by not having to push yourself. Pool skating is another great option for boarders.

Source by Chad Wesley Deveault

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