How to Take Care of Your Skateboard

Skateboards are sturdy, but they take quite a lot of bashing. Without the proper due care they can fall in to disrepair, making them unsafe to use. In order to keep your skateboard in good working order, read the following tips in taking care of your skateboard.

1: Keep bearings clean and lubricated

Ball bearings are the heart of your skateboard. They keep the wheels running smoothly. Make sure that each time you are finished skating that you clean and lubricate the bearings. This can be done by first cleaning your wheels and bearings of any dirt or gravel, then applying lubricant. You can do this without having to remove the bearings. However, in order to thoroughly clean and lubricate your skateboard bearings, it is best to remove them. Have some rags or paper towels handy, as it will be a messy job, then remove the bearings. Next, take some lubricant that is designed for bearings and which leaves no residue behind, shake well, and then run the lubricant over the bearing. You will likely have a lot of mucky black residue run out from the bearing, which is a good thing. Use a lot of the lubricant to get the bearings clean and lubed, making sure to do both sides. When the bearings run clear wipe the excess lubricant off, and set them back into the wheels of your skateboard.

2: Learn how your board is constructed

Take time to learn how your skateboard is constructed, in order to have a better working knowledge of your board. Learning how your board is constructed will also help you troubleshoot any possible problems that arise. Knowing how your board is constructed will also mean that you can easily replace any parts as and when needed. Fitting replacement parts are a lot more cost effective than having to find the money to purchase an entirely new board and can be bought from most local skate shops or skate shops online.

3: Take care of the deck

After each skateboarding session check over the deck of the board for any signs of wear and tear. Make sure to clean off any dirt and debris and if it has gotten wet in any way, make sure to dry it out. Do not leave your board in damp conditions, as this can split and damage the deck. Small repairs can be made easily, but if your deck shows signs of splitting or has cracks that are too large to fix, then it’s time to replace it. Skate decks & shoes can be bought from specialized skateboarding shops. One way splitting and cracking occurs is through improper foot placement, so make sure that you are using the correct skating techniques in order to prolong the life of your deck. Waxing your deck can also help prolong its life, but be careful that it is properly buffered off, as you do not wish to make the deck area of your skateboard slippery in anyway. For stains or stubborn marks, use soapy water. If soapy water doesn’t do the trick then dab some mineral spirits onto a clean rag and then rub over the stained area as vigorously as possible. This should keep your deck looking good for a long time.

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