How To Ride a Ripstick Skateboard

  1. How to balance on it and how to coast
  2. If you want to get started riding it faster, you must start on a hill. Starting on a hill will help you go faster and balance quicker. Stand on it and have someone to hold you to help you balance. Don’t start going just yet. Try to balance on it standing still for just a minute or two. When you feel comfortable, have your friend hold on to you while you slowly coast down the hill so you don’t fall off. This will help you balance and give you a better feel for the caster board. Keep doing this until you feel confident you can balance yourself straight down the hill without assistance. Now let’s get propelling!

  3. How to propel
  4. Again, starting on hill with a friend helping you stand on the Ripstick, coast down the hill and start to move your feet back and forth so that both sides of the skateboard are turning opposite ways. Start with little motions by pushing your toes down on your right foot while pushing your heel down on your left foot. Then push your toes down on your left foot and your heel down on your right foot. As you continue to do this and get better and better, make the motions bigger and bigger and start to use your legs and hips in your movements. Hey, you are doing it. You are riding a Ripstick!

  5. How to start on your own

After you feel you can ride it then you can try starting on your own. First you must go on a sloped area. If you are a righty, place your left leg on the front part of the Ripstick and balance it. Then give a hard push with your right leg on the ground and get on as fast as you can. Start to propel the board to gain your balance and you will go faster and faster. Starting on your own is the hardest part, all you need is patience. Do not listen to other reviews that discourage you to ride it gets easier with practice.

Source by Matthew Scillitani

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