How to Learn Skateboard Tricks Faster and Easier – 4 Step Process to Better Skateboarding

It’s sad, but some skateboarders spend multiple years skating and still only know how to perform one or two basic skateboard tricks. This is the main reason why there are so many people that want to know how to learn skateboard tricks faster and easier.

Some skateboarders fail at properly performing skateboard tricks because they make some simple mistakes. These mistakes are what causes people to quit before they even land their first ollie. To properly learn how to perform skateboard tricks faster and easier you must take 5 important steps when it comes to skateboarding.

  1. Work At A Skateboard Trick Consistently: The only way you are going to learn new skateboard tricks faster and easier is if you work at a trick consistently. Once you make the commitment to work at a skateboard trick consistently you will be able to learn a trick and move on to a new one. Try writing down some goals for different tricks you want to learn and then work at them every time you skate. After a while you will see that your consistency paid off because the trick will seem easier.
  2. Commit To Landing A Trick: One of the biggest mistakes some skateboarders make that keeps them from learning a new trick is not staying committed to landing the trick. You shouldn’t worry about hurting yourself when trying to successfully land a trick or you will end up bailing out each time. You have to stay committed to landing a trick successfully if you want to learn how to do more tricks on a skateboard.
  3. Work Your Way Up: Some people believe the fastest way to learn new skateboard tricks is to try and learn more and more tricks. Before you advance to learning more tricks you just need to focus on mastering the basics for right now. Once you have mastered the basic fundamental tricks the more advanced tricks will become easier. So if you try to perform a 360 flip before you can even do a basic ollie you will find it harder to do a 360 flip and it will take you a longer time to master it.
  4. Have Fun While You Skate: If your not having fun while your skating then you will become frustrated and impatient while your learning new tricks. If you find that you are no longer having fun trying to learn a trick you should try another one and come back to it later.

Source by Guy Richardson

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