How to Jump Higher For Skateboarding

If you skateboard you realize the importance of jumping high in order to land more difficult tricks or grind higher rails.  Learning how to jump higher for skateboarding will separate you from other skaters that get as high as you.

If you take skateboarding seriously then you will be just like all other athletes and hit the gym in order to increase performance on you board.  You might be surprised to know that you can increase your vert by a few inches in a month by doing plyometric workouts.

Plyometric exercises are workouts designed to increase your fast twitch muscles which will make you jump higher. 

Let’s look at some exercises that you can do anywhere.  First, we will take the jump squats.  These are one of the best exercises for skating because all of your jumps will be standing jumps which means you never take an approach.  With feet shoulder width apart you will jump as high as you can and land in a squat.  Squat down until your knees make a 90 angle.  This does mean that your thighs will necessarily be parallel with the floor because your shins will go forward slightly.  From the squatted position you will explode back up into a jump.  You are only going to do these in sets of 8 reps because you want to learn power not endurance. 

Just think of how many more tricks you could do with 6 inches of extra vertical leap under your belt.  The possibilities would be endless and you would start getting recognized more.  It’s time to take your training to the next level.

Source by Joshua Dibbs

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