How to Do a Pop Shove it on a Skateboard – How to 360 Shove It

Learning how to do a pop shove it on a skateboard can be a very, very difficult task, however if you have learned a few tricks on the board first, then you should have no problem doing different variations including how to 360 shove it skateboard trick . A shove it is when the skater stands on the board, jumps up a little bit and pushes the tail down to its side. The skateboarder may make their board spin 180 degrees or more right underneath their feet. Like I said above, there are many variations, but they all basically cover the same principles.

Now a pop shove skateboard trick it is a bit different than just a shove it. Learning how to do a pop shove it on a skateboard generally comes after learning how to do just a shove it. The pop shove it is the same concept however, the skater will shove the board so it spins clockwise or counter clockwise. It gives you a bit more air therefore is used to jump over objects often.

Learning how to 360 shove it can be done quickly as long as you follow some simple tactics. First off, you will need to start off doing an Ollie. Then shove the board to the back, then back to the front again to allow it to spin fully around. Make sure you bend your knees enough to get higher air so you have a better chance of landing the shove it skateboard trick.

Source by Ryan Ainsley

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