How to Clean Skateboard Bearings

It is important to clean your skateboard bearings on a regular basis as it affects the performance and speed of your skateboard. Cleaner bearings mean a faster and better functional skateboard. Here is a breakdown of how to clean your skateboard bearings.

Step 1. Stay clean – Cleaning your bearings can be quite a messy job and so if you are doing it in the house lay down some paper and some old rags to protect the surface of where you are cleaning them. Also it is a good idea to wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Step 2. Remove the bearings from the skateboard – You will need to remove your skateboard bearings from your skateboard and so remove the wheels and then remove each bearing. You can remove the wheels using a rachet and then pop off the bearings using a screwdriver. You can clean your skateboard bearings while they are still attached but it is a lot better to take them off.

Step 3. Use lubricant to wash the bearings – Use a lubricant such as Triflow (please do not use WD-40. Triflow lubricant and others alike do not leave any residue or film behind, WD-40 leaves a lot of residue behind that actually collects dirt and dust) and spray this on each bearing. Use a lot of the lubricant as you are essentially washing the bearing in this lubricant. You will notice a lot of black dirt and muck coming out of the bearing while you are spraying them. Once you are happy the bearing is clean set it down and leave it to soak in the lubricant for a few minutes. Triflow and other such lubricants can be found in any skate or bike shops.

Step 4. Replace the bearing back on the skateboard – Now the lubricant is clean you can place the bearings back on the skateboard and replace each wheel, fixing them properly and tightly.

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