History of Skateboarding – From Pastime to Passion!

The idea of ​​the skateboard dates back to the time when kids used to build rafts and used logs to float across the streams for fun. Similarly, during the winters they used to slide over the icy slopes using sledges. Those were the times when bi-cycles were greatly popular yet an extremely expensive thing. Not every family could afford one for their kids or even themselves, for that matter. Skates, on the other hand, were the best and most affordable alternative for bi-cycles. But those skates were designed poorly and were easily broken. At the same time they could not serve the same purpose as the bi-cycles as they did not have a carrier attached to it, neither could they run as fast as a bi-cycle.

In order to make the skateboards more useful, kids used to attach a handle to that and make it look like a paddle-less bi-cycle. That would help them hang a bag of goods on the handle and they could use it for different utility purposes like grocery shopping. That was how a skate board was used in its initial stages.

As the time passed and the basic designs began to take more refined shapes, those creative ways of transportation emerged as sports like biking and roller-skates. Adventure skating is one of the ways of transportation that has surfaced over the last few decades as sports. Youngsters have shown great deal of interest in this form of sports.

In the late 1950's skateboarding started getting some reorganization when teenagers used to kill their after-school time on their skateboards roaming around the in the neighborhood, performing cool tricks. As the number of skateboarding enthusiasts grew, so did the competition among the kids. Everyone wants to be the coolest kid on the block, so they started to learn new tricks and built inclined planes and wood structures in the neighborhood where they could practice and display those tricks.

As the initially pastime idea gained popularity, it was adopted as a sports. This gave those kids a platform to showcase their skills and make a living from it. More and more companies started to sponsor events and they were held more frequently. Skateboarders were given the chance to go on tours and showcase their skills to a greater audience.

Some of the skaters out-performed the others and started to perform such dangerous tricks which the sporting events could not allow them to do in front of the audience. This gave rise to extreme sports where all the extra-ordinary bikers and skateboarders could perform dangerous tricks and show off their skills. They had become so passionate about the sports that they are will to take greater risks and perform stunts that would leave each one of us in awe!

Source by James Albert Leo

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