Harnessing the Power of Karma

Karma is something that we hear about very often when relating to many eastern religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism. Karma is a principle that addresses the concept of cause and effect. What we do and think today affects our lives tomorrow. It can be visualized as a series of falling dominos. Each and every thing we do, say, and think causes a ripple that changes everything around us.

Karma is often associated in bad terms. People often say, when bad things happen, that it was Karma. But also all the good things in our lives are also a result of this wonderful principle.

The Law of Attraction is a component of Karma. What we think and feel will materialize into our lives, whether this comes from good or bad thoughts is up to us. This is a very empowering teaching that allows us to fully take the reigns of our destiny and create the life that we want to have for ourselves. If we are stuck in a situation that we do not want, all we must do is change our thoughts to change our lives.

The other side of Karma is the subtle variances in each of our personalities. All of us have certain tendencies that lean toward positive and negative personality traits. These habitual feelings are brought to us in this life from our previous existence and experiences. The negative traits (greed, fear, anger, etc) are simply our inner spirit showing us what we need to work on to grow and develop spiritually. We also all have certain positive traits that we are born with that we are to cultivate and grow. By lessening our tendencies toward the negative and growing our positive traits, we will begin to catapult our lives into the perfect, joyful, experience we were meant to live.

For example, someone who has an irritable personality has picked this up from either a previous incarnation or from situations that have happened to them in this life. Irritability is a manifestation of people, things, and situations not reacting to the way you want them to. It stems from needing to control things around you. One of the life lessons that this person would benefit from is learning to not always have to control things around them. Cultivating peace, acceptance, and a love for what is would be a great benefit to their inner and outer self.

Wayne Dyer states, “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” People in our lives who have negative Karma that is made up of their habitual thoughts and feeling will project this to their outer world thus adding more and more situations that will feed their negative beliefs. Likewise, our kind and peaceful responses to these outward projections will cultivate more peace in our own lives.

Look back on your own life and see where you have repeating negative emotions, and really look close at what you can do to begin cultivating the positive alternatives to these emotions. As we continue to grow, evolve, and ascend the spiral staircase of spiritual evolution, your own growth and happiness will be greatly increased.

Source by Michael Hamlin

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