Energy Astrology + Saturn = 28 Year Cycles


I remember as a child that the number 7 was very magical, mystical and wonderful.

It is well known that the first seven years of a child's life are critical. Their minds are like blank chalk boards. Whatever is written upon these boards by parents, teachers, siblings, priests affect them for the rest of their lives.

They are 'programmed. "The formal religions understand this. That is why there is so much emphasis placed on Sunday School, communion and going to church.

There is a very powerful and true saying: "Give me your children till age 7 then you can have them back."

Too late. They are not yours anymore. They have been programmed by others.

Look at our present society which is capturing the children into their 'socialized' school systems at an earlier and earlier age. Pre-kindergarten? Dangerous!

But back to the magical 7. There are 7 planets, 7 days in the week, 7 colors and 7 musical notes to name a few. And their is the most important the 7 year cycle in our lives. Use this to program your own children to help them fulfill their own destinies.

I have studied Astrology, Pythagorean Numerology and many of the mystical sciences for 35 years.

It was not until our solar system passed around our Galactic Sun and we entered the Age of Aquarius that it all came together for me.

A light bulb went on and I saw without a doubt that there is a Divine Plan given to us by the Grand Architect of the Universe.

Every 2000 years the laws that describe this Divine Plan are given to man in a different form.

Now it is the paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics. They show us that all is energy, all is consciousness and all is connected.

There is just as much of a Divine Plan for man's movements through life as there are in the movements of our planets around our sun and our solar system around our galaxy. As humans we move forward in 7 year cycles.

Astrology or 'energy astrology' as I like to call it is an exact science. Not of prediction but as a guide line for living consciously on this planet Earth.

Our individual energy solar charts; are USER MANUALS. They are to be used to help us evolve just as the planets, the solar system and the galaxy evolves.

That is the purpose and destiny of all men, planets, suns, solar systems and galaxies – evolution. Evolution means to become more conscious of the ALL.

Just as there are religious gods there are planetary, solar and galactic gods or guiding forces if you prefer.

The guiding God of the Planet Earth, for those who wish to raise their level of consciousness and become more 'god like', is "LORD SATURN."

Where he takes up residence in your energy solar chart is of utmost important to you and your children. He moves from house to house every 2 ½ years. Every 7 years he stops and checks to see if you are listening to him.

During his 2 ½ year visits Lord Saturn points out to you the areas in your life that need work. By work I mean what areas in your life are keeping you from evolving, from growing and becoming more god like.

Every 7 years he will check. Do what he tells you, make the correct changes, and all will be well. Ignore him and beware!

He makes one complete trip around your twelve houses staying in each one about 2 ½ years for a total of 28 years.

Then he starts all over again. This is what is known as your second Saturn cycle. This is when the fur flies. You are not considered a child anymore. It is time to get on with your father's work.

Source by Ellis Peterson

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