Earthwing Longboards

Founded in 1998, Earthwing Longboards have gone a long way from being a man’s personal hobby to becoming one of the huge longboard brands in the US. Like many skateboard manufacturing companies, owners of Earthwing Longboards are obsessed with skateboarding. However, not a lot of other brands can top Earthwing’s peculiar board design and engineering.

Earthwing Longboards are most popular for the decks they produce. EW is highly recommended for those who are looking for decks with good concave, stability, large standing platform, hot designs and competitive price tags.

As one of the major parts of a longboard, it is only wise that you choose the best decks. However, this task has become much, much harder with the growing number of surging and popping skateboard manufacturers in the market. Oftentimes, you may hear yourself say, “How will I get the best decks?” If you don’t know much about the longboard industry, this question may come as totally difficult. If you’ve been in the industry quite a few years, it’s easy – Earthwing decks!

Earthwing Longboards are also favorites of skateboarders who are into freeride decks and downhill performances. I believe other brands are decent enough but why go for the “better” ones if you can get the “best” right?

The EW Supermodel is my personal favorite because its awesome longboard deck is made of pure maple. I like choosing the bigger size which is 40″ because it provides me the best stability and it matches my body type. Although honestly, I wasn’t much convinced the first time I saw it because I thought the concave is too aggressive on both ends and I always prefer something not too concave. Yet, I bought it anyway because it’s Earthwing. However, I was completely blown away the moment I’ve ridden it because the deep concaves were amazingly able to grip on my foot without any unnecessary worries about getting thrown up during high jumps or soaring on a high plant after going quickly downhill.

The only thing I didn’t like perhaps is the torsional flex during slides, especially standup slides. This can be a bother for amateurs but not for me and to those who already have years of experience. The supermodel, in particular, is definitely a winner when it comes to more complex slides and longboard tricks – great for competitions or performances. Prices are also not too bad for quality longboards so add that to the good things about Earthwing.

Source by Mert Ozge

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