Choose Skateboard Wheels With Confidence

In the same way that the tyres of a car can affect the way it handles the road, skateboard wheels can determine a rider’s enjoyment and stability. Fortunately, once you know what to look for when choosing your wheels, you’ll be well able to find something appropriate for your needs.

Pay Attention to your Riding Style

The way in which you most often ride your skateboard will be very helpful to consider when you’re selecting wheels. Today, most wheels are made from polyurethane, which is very durable. Also, although skateboard wheels are generally between 52 and 54 mm in diameter, the ideal size will vary depending on your preferred type of riding.

For example, if you focus on the longboard style, your board will probably need wheels that are quite large in diameter. Larger wheels rotate faster to allow skateboarders to achieve and maintain greater speeds over longer distances. Since longboards are commonly used to commute in towns that have a lot of sidewalks, it makes sense why larger wheels are usually standard in this type of riding. Bigger wheels also work well for people who perform tricks on ramps, because the constantly high rate of speed is essential for maintaining momentum in a safe manner.

Alternatively, if you like to concentrate on street skating and performing tricks lower to the ground such as flip kicks and ollies, smaller skateboard wheels are a wise pick. Keeping a lower centre of gravity makes it easier to manoeuvre the board while remaining secure.

The Hardness of Skateboard Wheels

A wheel’s hardness is also worth a look. In skateboarding, the amount of hardness is also referred to as durometer. Harder wheels roll faster, and those that are softer offer better traction over various terrains. Therefore, it’s important to think of what’s most important for you by evaluating the environment in which you normally ride.

If you like to be versatile with your skateboard, it’s best to choose wheels with a durometer of approximately 95A-100A, because this range offers several features for multitasking riders, such as smoothness combined with excellent grip over several surfaces.

Wheel Colours

Surprisingly, experts say that the colour of skateboard wheels can play a role in their overall toughness. Translucent wheels last the longest, and are less prone to developing flat areas because they do not include dyes that can interfere with the overall amount of polyurethane. Since polyurethane is related to strength, the more that’s present in skateboard wheels, the better. Therefore, it’s a trade-off between style and substance. Fortunately, since wheels are so easily replaced, riders do not have to deal with a lot of hassles when altering their gear.

The suggestions above should make it much easier to find skateboard parts that suit your expectations. Start shopping today and enjoy taking your riding to a whole new level.

Source by Michael K John

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