Can a Psychic Predict If I’ll Get Married?

How do psychic readings for love, romance or relationship work? Can a good psychic predict when I’ll get married and to whom? Can a psychic tell me where to look for my soul mate, or whether the man I’m with today is the right one for me? And if so… HOW so? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at psychic love predictions and answer a few common questions that many folks have BEFORE they get their first reading as well. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look immediately below!

Can psychics really see when I’ll get married… or is that just new age nonsense and wishful thinking?

Good question! The truth is, in my view, YOU already know who you are going to marry. As a matter of fact,,deep down, we all come into this life with a plan, a purpose and a path that we are “supposed” to follow to satisfy our chosen destiny. For most of us, that plan and path is often abandoned early on in the journey… as we grow forget what we are “here” to accomplish.

The psychics role in all of this?

Simply to remind you of what you are here for… and who you are here to do it with!

Does everyone have a soulmate?

Not only do we each have soul-mates, I believe we have entire soul groups that we come into this life to learn from, grow with and evolve together spiritually. We not only choose these spiritual partners WELL before this life begins, we actually continue together after this life ends as well. (something that has been validated by many types of scientific research as well, including psychic medium readings where a loved one comes through to let you know they’ll see you again… to near death experiencer’s who report being greeted by loved ones, relatives, friends and family as they cross over)

So can a psychic see when I’ll get married and to WHOM I’ll marry as well?

Yes, absolutely. BUT, I believe that most psychics who can see the future are really only reading your own intuition, and emotional energy. In other words, a good intuitive is really seeing your spiritual “KARMA” and interprets all of this through symbols, pictures and a vision board of what your future life looks like if you follow a particular plan. Often people veer off plan… and make choices that are not only counter intuitive, they’re also counter productive as well! (which is why there are so many unhappy, unfulfilled and honestly… unloved partners in BAD relationships that are filled with regret)

Want a psychic to help YOU find your soul mate? (Do this at least once a year until he or she appears!)

Write down on a piece of paper who your ideal mate “is”

Describe them in the most minute detail possible.

Write at least 10 or 12 lines of qualities you truly want in a partner

Describe what your life together looks like… with a beginning, middle and end

Then –

Call or contact a good psychic who specializes in love, romance and relationship readings.

Have the piece of paper in front of you, but DON’T say a word about it, or what it says.

Tell the reader you want to find your soul mate… and ask the psychic to tell you what they see.

If you’ve picked the right psychic, and done your “homework” on your perfect partner, you’ll be AMAZED and astounded at what comes through. (and if you’ve done it right, what comes TRUE as well!)

Source by Tina Bardo

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