4 Points to Consider While Buying Skateboard Knee Pads

Finding a pair of good skateboard knee pads is a very easy task given that you know what kind of protection you want during your skateboarding endeavor. While there are several criterions on the basis of which you can classify the skateboard knee pads, in this article I will be talking about the four basic features:

Type of Shell

The types of shell in skateboarding knee pads are broadly divided into two categories: hard shell and soft shell. Hard shell is recommended for riders who need more protection, such as the beginners and the skaters who perform stunts and tricks. Soft shell has two major advantages over hard shell – first that they weigh less and second that they are soft and thin enough to be worn underneath your clothing. Soft shell pads are popular among skaters who are hesitant to wear them in public.

Padding Thickness

These pads come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and thickness. Typically a hard shell pads have a thicker padding as compared to the soft shell one. Some skaters that need extra padding also prefer to purchase additional padding for knee and elbow pads. These extra pieces of additional-padding are known as knee and elbow gaskets. The additional padding is very helpful in reducing the direct impact of a fall and is generally worn under the main knee and elbow pads.

Type of Enclosure

The next classification of these pads is in terms of their enclosure type. Basically, they are found as ‘slip on’ and ‘butterfly enclosure’ pads. While the slip on pads can be simply worn and then tightened with adjustable straps, the butterfly closure knee pads consist of two straps that wrap around the leg to secure the knee and to close the knee area.

Integrated Shin Guard

The last thing to consider while selecting a pad is whether you will prefer having an integrated shin guard with it. Having these extra pieces integrated will enhance the security offered by a regular knee pad. You may seriously prefer buying a pair of knee pads with integrated shin guard if you have set high insights and planning to practice stunts and tricks while skateboarding.

While the above points cover the basic features and characteristics of skateboard knee pads, you may also like to make a choice based on its look, color and style. While these pads are not much of a fashion statement thing, but having it good looking makes no harm!

Source by Brent Davidson

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